Curved Chisel 250mm


Made from High Grade Japanese steel. This Bonsai tool is used to create a natural looking Jin or Shari on your Bonsai tree. It can also be used for other wood carving, engraving or grafting purposes. The concave blade makes it ideal for precise and detailed work when working with rounded, flat or hard to reach parts of the tree.

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Made from High Grade Stainless Steel


  • Curved cutting edge
  • Comfort of feel
  • Highly durable Stainless Steel composition
  • 250mm long

Comfort of use has been improved over traditional production methods through weight saving.  This has been achieved by having part of the arms ground down to a shallower, rounded rectangle profile rather than oval, maintaining sufficient strength through the width of the arms but removing unnecessary weight in their height.  The rounded portion has been maintained on the handle for comfort.  A great feature showing the care of the manufacturers in making quality tools!



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