MOOI™Mix Growing Medium 2ℓ


Our MOOI™Mix growing medium is designed specifically for Bonsai trees. Compiled with a balanced ratio of Calcinated fuller’s earth clay, Vermiculite and activated Carbon, your trees will flourish having a healthy root system!





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More about our MOOIMix

– Available oxygen and moisture are key for a healthy robust root system.  Our growing medium is characterized by its high porosity and absorptive capabilities for water and nutrients releasing life-giving elements while keeping the root zone aerated with its course gravel-like texture.

-Maximum root volume can be achieved as roots can penetrate the substrate particles.

-The growing medium slowly breaks down over time and repotting trees can be considered every 3-5 years.

-Our growing medium provides a buffer against temperature fluctuations lowering stress on the root zone.

-Activated carbon benefits plant growth by promoting beneficial fungal and microbial activity and serves as a filter against unwanted elements sometimes found in water. It is also high in N and Ca.

How often should I apply fertilizer?

-Fertilizer needs to be applied in the growing season at least once/week.  Depending on the development stage of the tree you might want to increase the fertilizer intervals for more stem and leaf growth or cut back on intervals for smaller leaf size and fine ramification.  Each tree is different, but growing in our MOOI™Mix gives the grower a tool to have better control on how the tree responds towards fertilizer helping the Bonsai artist achieving goals faster.



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